Championing Security and Technology Infrastructure for a Positive School Culture

In response to the critical need to update technology infrastructure and ensure the safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff, California schools are taking proactive measures: they’re investing in advanced security solutions.

Educators and school administrators recognize that safety goes beyond physical protection, including freedom from fear of danger. To achieve this, schools are implementing cutting-edge security measures, such as:

  • Intercoms: Facilitating seamless communication across classrooms and administrative offices, ensuring swift responses to security concerns.
  • Cloud-based access control: Regulating entry permissions and enhancing security with centralized control over access to school premises.
  • Card and/or biometric access control: Implementing secure identification methods to restrict access to authorized personnel.
  • Safety Cameras: Providing comprehensive surveillance to deter potential threats and ensure a secure environment.
  • Turnstiles: Enhancing perimeter security and monitoring entry and exit points to prevent unauthorized access.
  • RFID-enabled smart cards: Streamlining identification and access management for students, faculty, and staff.

Numerous studies have shown a connection between safety and a positive school culture. These studies highlight the importance of a secure environment and how it can lead to increased student engagement and better educational outcomes. By prioritizing security measures, schools don’t just ensure physical safety. They also contribute to creating a more conducive learning environment, which ultimately promotes student well-being and academic success.

Comprehensive Solutions for Modern Schools

“As more California schools adopt security systems, we look forward to expanding our education portfolio, not only in California but throughout the country,” says Gary Chelini, Principal, BEI Connect. “With BEI Connect’s – a division of BEI Construction – expertise in security, audiovisual and technology infrastructure, and BEI Construction’s end-to-end design and engineering services, our firm is clearly positioned for growth in the K-12 sector.”

BEI Connect offers full-service capabilities, including expertise in audio/visual and security integration, to meet the diverse needs of modern schools. From surveillance cameras and access controls to upgrading audio/video technology for various schools, BEI is a leading resource for technology infrastructure services for public and private schools.

Showcasing Success: Completed Projects Enhancing Educational Technology Infrastructure

BEI Construction and BEI Connect have completed a wide range of projects for public and private schools across California, demonstrating expertise and commitment to improving educational facilities. While BEI Connect focuses on technology infrastructure, enhancing safety and security measures, and updating essential audio/visual systems, BEI Construction supports schools with renewable energy solutions. Recent projects include:

Commitment to Educational Excellence

BEI Construction looks forward to supporting California schools in their journey toward educational excellence. “Through our extensive experience working on school sites, we’ve learned how to navigate the challenges of upgrading campus facilities, especially the need to ensure safety and minimal disruption to the learning process,” continues Chelini. “Education is an area we feel strongly about and want to do everything we can to improve facilities for K-12 schools.”