Delivering state-of-the-art technology infrastructure for today’s most successful enterprises

With digital transformation a major focus of every enterprise today, updating technology infrastructure has become a business imperative. We work with clients in a broad range to identify their specific technical needs and then design and refine a comprehensive solution to meet those requirements — complete with drawings, scope of work and budget. It’s a collaborative, turnkey process that establishes trust from day one.

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From site surveys to solution design, to installation and certification of copper and fiber optic cable systems, BEI Connect creates the highest-quality cable infrastructures to support our clients’ needs. We have expertise in all aspects of cabling design and installation:

• Horizontal Cabling / Copper / Fiber
• Outside Plant Cabling / Backbone Cabling
• Underground Cabling / Horizontal Directional Boring (HDD)
• Vent Drilling

Data centers are mission-critical to the modern enterprise. BEI Connect has the experience and expertise to create advanced, future-ready facilities that support and maximize an organization’s mission-critical infrastructure — optimizing uptime, improving data security, and accommodating short- and long-term growth. At every stage of the process, we ensure every client’s critical assets are protected and optimized.

• Design Planning
• Site Selection
• Due Diligence
• Infrastructure Integration
• Data Center Buildout / ERRC / DAS Cabling
• Decommissioning / Equipment Relocation
• CAD Design
• Construction
• Installation
• Cabling
• Maintenance

With people now collaborating throughout the office space and outside of it as well, wireless networks are now more important than ever. We furnish design, access point layout, cabling and device installation for all our clients. Our campus environment clients utilize our expertise in Point to Point Wireless to meet their WAN needs.

• Panduit
• Commscope
• Corning
• Leviton
• Hoffman
• Eaton
• Berk Tek
• General Cable
• Ortronics

• Cost savings
• Scalability
• Increased efficiency
• Enhanced connectivity
• Seamless technology integration
• Reliable logistics and scheduling
• Expert attention to detail

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