BEI Construction built the solar canopies for four of Acalanes Union High Schools

BEI Construction helped Acalanes Union High School District reduce its carbon footprint by building solar canopies at four of the School District’s high schools. BEI Construction also handled all electrical and underground construction.

Partner for these projects:

Quote below from Acalanes Union High School District —

We are pleased to share with the community that the Acalanes Union High School District will be initiating large solar projects at each of our comprehensive high schools this summer. The installation design for the solar panels will be carports in the main parking lot at each of the schools. The projects will allow us to substantially reduce our carbon footprint (the equivalent of pulling about 350 cars off the road), realize significant savings in general fund operating costs, contribute substantial energy to the “grid” during peak times (afternoon and summer), and model the use of renewable energy to our students.

Capitalizing on the latest technologies and current incentives, the District estimates it will save $110,900 in year one, and the net present value of the 20-year contract is estimated to be $2.3 million using a conservative 2% utility inflation rate. Higher electricity inflation rates will result in greater savings for the District.