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At BEI Construction, Security Integration supports the trends within a growing number of organizations. This allows teams to merge physical security applications, such as access control, video surveillance, intrusion alarm and logical security applications, such as biometric identification programs that allow employees to use the corporate network and merge into a single, comprehensive system..

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Our team is fully certified and trained to handle all of your Telephone and Network infrastructure needs.

-Wireless Networks, HDBaseT
-Network Integration
-Voice Over IP
-Fiber Optic
-CAT 5e
-CAT 6A / 10Gbs
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Access control/video surveillance

BEI Construction is proud to provide browser-based access control products and video management solutions that are designed to deliver the ease-of-use and flexibility required by users. BEI can design stand-alone solutions or provide integration with access control, video and intrusion alarm systems. With the deployment of Voice over IP applications, we can ensure the delivery of instant and secure voice and data services for intrusion alarm devices.

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Cabling/fiber optics/termination

We’ve pulled thousands of miles of cable over the last 25 plus years. Whatever the need, we’ve probably done it. Our technicians are professional and think on their feet, they overcome obstacles on the fly and keep the job going. Never making excuses, but solving problems as they go. Don’t sweat the big stuff, let us do that! We will be there for you from concept to to completion.

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Biometrics & facial recognition

Biometric and facial recognition is being used increasingly across the world as Fortune 500 companies, travel agencies and public organizations have attempted to update security. The need for dual authentication in more recent times has surged into the billions and that need will only intensify. Nothing is more important to companies than the safety of their personnel, equipment and facilities. At BEI Construction, our teams are experts in designing, installing, performance functional testing and maintaining these systems to support Perimeter Entry, IT Rooms, MPOE, MDF/IDF and storage locations to reduce cost impacts, mitigate risk and enhance peace of mind..

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Our BEI PMs will custom build a complete system for you. Pick several or all of the following: -Installation / Project Management / Wireless Networks / Network Integration -Voice / Data / MATV / Video Surveillance / BioMetrics / Facial Recognition -Fiber Optics / Voice Over IP / Paging / Clock Systems / Security Systems -Voice and Data Infrastructures / DAS Systems (Distributed Antenna Systems)

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