Eliana Silva

Eliana Silva

How Substations Power Your Renewable Future 

Substation construction at Stanislaus County, CA

In the realm of renewable energy, substation might not be a term that immediately comes to mind. However, these crucial components are vital in generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity from renewable sources. But what are substations, how do they function,…

Catching the Wind: How Wind Power Works

A wind turbine generates wind power in a vineyard field.

The wind has been a powerful force for centuries, used to propel ships across oceans and grind grain into flour. Today, we’ve employed that same wind power to generate clean electricity through wind turbines – a key player in the…

Solar Power: The Shining Star of Renewable Energy

BEI completed electrical and underground construction for ground- and canopy-mounted solar arrays in Vacaville, CA.

Solar power stands as one of the most accessible and versatile renewable energy sources available today. By harnessing the boundless energy of the sun, solar technologies like photovoltaics (PV) and concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) contribute significantly to our renewable energy…

Renewable Energy Sources for a Sustainable Future

Four images represent different sustainable energy sources: hydro tower, solar panels, biomass, and wind turbine.

Renewable energy is rapidly emerging as a cornerstone of sustainable development, offering a diverse array of clean and abundant resources to power our planet. Let’s delve into the different sources of renewable energy and explore how they transform our energy…