Fast track consolidation and decommissioning project makes solid financial sense for Rocket Fuel

With a pending relocation to a single floor in and adjacent building only six weeks out, BEI Construction was engaged to survey the existing environment, document and design/build the new electrical and technology infrastructure to support the workstations, printers, audio/visual and wireless. BEI Construction also provided light GC work to support signage, patching, painting and janitorial services.

Post move, BEI Construction was tasked with decommissioning four floors of technology infrastructure that included, removing existing electrical, structured cabling, fiber optic cabling, signage, patching, painting and janitorial in less than 30 days. The highlight of the decommissioning was the removal of a 1000lb ornamental rocket from the reception area to a flat bed truck in the parking lot.

The successful relocation project maintained the workflow continuity of the entire Rocket Fuel team so that there was no down time or loss of productivity. The successful decommissioning project enabled Rocket Fuel to realize a substantial savings in rent and operational costs.

About Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel is a full Programmatic Marketing Platform designed to go beyond 1:1 marketing by learning to predict what marketing actions to take with a particular person in a particular moment of time. Their methodology, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, is called Moment Scoring™, and it results in a much more efficient use of marketing dollars.