A/V success at Calm wins praise

BEI Construction recently delivered a project that enhanced the audio/visual systems at San Francisco-based Calm. The project adds flat screens, projectors and video conferencing to help the company connect and collaborate internally and externally. A thank you message sent by the Project Manager, Clair Rose of JLL made the BEI team’s day.

“The client called to let us know how well-received our work on the project was at Calm,” say BEI Principal Natu Tuatagaloa. “Our on-site project lead Jonathan Davis earned praise for going above and beyond, delivering even more than the client expected.”

The Project Manager, Clair Rose, said in her voicemail: “Calm is tickled to death with their A/V. [The project was] a nice presentation of BEI’s abilities.”

Adding A/V power to an outstanding office environment 

A rapidly growing company with an app of the same name, Calm offers the top app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. The Calm app was named Apple’s App of the Year 2017, and more recently, it was an Apple Best of 2018 award winner. People turn to the app to help them get a better night’s sleep, learn meditation, and enhance mindfulness. The app has reached more than 45 million users. 

The Calm team works in an office noted for its relaxing atmosphere, and the company’s office was featured in an Inc.com article about workspaces. Calm’s office features a soothing blue and green color scheme, and comfy papasan-style chairs mix with traditional but stylish office furniture. The overall feel is a playful mix of business and outdoor-feeling space that’s perfect for a relaxation-focused tech company like Calm. 

“The leading-edge A/V systems we installed at Calm provide a great productivity booster to the company’s eye-catching workspace,” says Tuatagaloa. “Like the other Bay Area tech leaders we work with, Calm wants to provide its staff with A/V tools that connect teams and help people work together with greater efficiency and security.”