El Dorado Hills office adds to security integration services

BEI Construction recently relocated its Rocklin office to El Dorado Hills, California. The new space includes offices along with a warehouse and a testing environment for security, data/telecom, and audio/visual (A/V) integration services. In addition to helping our team serve clients in Sacramento and the rest of California’s Central Valley, the El Dorado Hills location adds valuable resources to the BEI Construction arsenal. 

“BEI Construction delivers its full range of services out of the El Dorado Hills location,” says BEI President Mike Rantz. “It also adds to our security integration capabilities, with the new location featuring security-focused programming resources and a test environment. The proximity to the Bay Area lets the whole BEI team access those resources when needed.” 

Complete security integration 

The El Dorado Hills office enhances what the BEI team refers to as our “triple threat” integration power. By triple threat, we mean our ability to deliver A/V, data/telecom, and security integration on a single project. These technologies need to work together in today’s advanced facilities, but few other construction companies offer an integrated approach to all three. Being able to test and pre-install these features in our El Dorado Hills facility helps us ensure that services will perform as needed. 

Clients can visit our team in El Dorado Hills to tour the new location and discuss their needs. El Dorado Hills is located about 25 miles east of Sacramento on US 50.  BEI can also visit your site if desired. The El Dorado Hills location provides people based in that office with easy access to the Bay Area and allows the team flexibility to easily use the many resources in our pre-install test facility. 

“In the Bay Area, Sacramento, and the Central Valley, BEI is one of the few construction companies that offers audio/visual, security, and data/telecom integration services,” notes El Dorado Hill-based BEI team member Gary Chelini. “We’re experiencing that there are many projects where integration is essential for project success. High-tech companies are requesting the most advanced capabilities in all three areas. We can do it all—from cabling for advanced networks to access control that relies on video, biometrics, or facial recognition—and we can test services before installation.”