Meet BEI Construction A/V expert Rob Gagnon

At BEI Construction, we’re seeing increased interest in commercial audio/visual (A/V) projects that include security or networking aspects. Thanks to the contributions of Rob Gagnon, commercial audio/visual (A/V) Group Leader, we’re more than equal capable to meeting our customers’ needs in this area. Rob has more than 20 years of experience working in A/V, with 15 of those 20 years focused on commercial A/V.

Why focus on A/V? According to Rob, it’s his passion. He said, “I’m drawn to A/V because it’s always new and constantly evolving. I love the fact that it keeps me learning, researching, and training. The technology-powered arrival of smart buildings highlights why A/V is so exciting. A/V improvements can also be efficiently threaded with security and networking projects.”

“With smart buildings, you integrate technologies like smart thermostats, lights, and voice-activated devices into the built environment,” he adds. “The trend is transforming A/V into an even more vital part of the way people work. Take conference rooms as an example. You can now personalize the user experience to automate lighting, projector use, and conference calls. There are so many ways to improve the user experience with enhancements such as video conferencing with touch interfaces, ceiling speakers, microphones, and more. Smart conference room features make for a more effective meeting for both remote and in-person attendees.”

A commitment to A/V and more
As businesses see the ways that great audio and visual experiences enhance productivity, BEI is committed to helping them realize their A/V vision. BEI offers A/V design services, installation, commissioning and testing, and support and maintenance. These services can be combined with network infrastructure and security projects to take advantage of the ways that infrastructure for each converge.

“We’ve been helping businesses get the best in A/V experiences for more than 10 years,” says BEI President Mike Rantz. “Having Rob Gagnon on the team highlights our capabilities in this exciting and rapidly advancing area.”

BEI works on a variety of A/V projects and collaborates with leading suppliers. BEI’s capabilities include:

  • Conference rooms
  • All hands area
  • Network operation centers
  • Huddle rooms
  • Phone rooms
  • Integration of smart technologies
  • Digital signage
  • Distributed audio
  • Distributed video
  • Modulated video head ends