Frequent Partners Collaborate to Deliver Utility-Scale Solar Project

BEI Construction is building the Central 40 project in Newman, California. The utility-scale solar facility is a 50.3 MWdc project on a 220-acre site, and it will include a substation. Swinerton Renewable leads the project. BEI is also working with sister-firm Blymyer Engineers on the project. Blymyer Engineers delivered the full scale construction design package for the power generation and the accompanying substation.

Silicon Valley Power will buy the power generated by Central 40. The municipal utility serves Santa Clara, California. When complete, Central 40 will add to Silicon Valley Power’s many sources of renewable electric power.

“The BEI team is collaborating with frequent-partners Swinerton Renewables and Blymyer Engineers on Central 40,” says BEI Principal Dominic DiMare. “We’ve completed numerous projects with each firm. Everyone on the extended project team values clear communication and collaboration. It’s a winning combination and helps keep projects on track.” 

Above and below ground transmission

The design calls for portions of the transmission system between the photovoltaic generation area and the substation to be above ground. This is due to site-specific requirements. Usually, transmission takes places underground. BEI is installing poles for the above-ground portion, and taking advantage of the team’s underground equipment and experience on the portions constructed below ground. Close collaboration across the project team keeps progress on track. 

“Central 40 is an example of how BEI takes project constraints in stride,” says Alexey Kondrashov, a senior electrical engineer with Blymyer Engineers. “Great communication keeps surprises to a minimum, and the BEI team communicates well. They ask good questions, and pay attention to the answers. That’s key to avoiding the kinds of miscommunications that can cause hiccups in the field.”

About Swinerton Renewable Energy

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