Meeting the demand for design training during Covid-19

BEI Construction continues to offer in-person RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Design) training during Covid-19. The class prepares attendees for the RCDD Design certification. BEI is offering the class through its Tier 4 Training platform. Putting safety first, the class requires that participants follow social distancing protocols. 

BEI decided to offer the training for three reasons: The cabling industry needs more certified professionals; The pass rate for attendees of the class is 80% as compared to just 25% overall; and certification advances the careers of talented people in industry. 

BEI Construction Vice President of Technical Sales Dave Sanders, RCDD/DCDC/OSP/NTS, will teach the class. He explains the importance of certification and the class: “The certification exam is demanding, and the industry needs the excellence the certification supports. It’s my goal to leave no one behind in the class. That means we go the extra mile to get everyone in the class ready to pass. It’s an approach that changes people’s lives by boosting their understanding and accelerating their careers.” 

Keeping people safe 

The RCCD Design class takes place over two days in Rancho Cucamonga, California, in late October 2020. Just 60 people can attend even though the facility hosting the event is designed to hold 200 people. Limits on attendance ensure that people will be able to practice social distancing. Everyone at the event must wear masks, and staff will adhere to sanitizing protocols. This is the only in-person RCDD Design class available in California this year. 

“Following recommended safety practices has helped BEI keep delivering at the same pace and quality on our construction projects,” says BEI President Mike Rantz. “We decided to apply that to offering RCDD Design training. Safety comes first but without any reduction in quality.” 

A life-changing experience 

BEI strongly supports expanding the pool of people in the industry with RCDD Design certification, which covers the ability to design, control, and manage the installation and maintenance of network systems. Classes often include participants from BEI competitors, and they experience a warm welcome. BEI has also awarded 60+ educational grants to unsuspecting students who might not otherwise attend and expects to continue to do so well into the future. 

Instructor Dave Sanders sets BEI’s RCDD Design class apart. He’s won a number of awards, including CET Networking Education, “Telecommunications Speaker of the Year” awarded by Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine.  Cabling Magazine also named Sanders one of the “20 Most Influential People” in the cabling and networking industries. He taught telecommunications at the University of California at Davis for nine years as an adjunct professor.

“This is not a class, this is a life-changing educational experience,” says Joe Acosta, BEI’s general manager in Southern California. “I attended one of Dave’s classes and he taught me how to learn, not how to just pass a test. 

I am confident that everyone in the industry, who has the opportunity to take a class from Dave not only from the life impression but for the advanced learning techniques.

BEI Construction and Tier4 Training will leave no student behind!