Demand for technology infrastructure soars in Southern California

BEI Connect, a division of BEI Construction, opened a new Southern California location in 2020. The office is seeing significant demand for its expertise in deploying technology infrastructure. That’s especially true for the wiring and devices that support building automation, such as smart lighting and temperature controls along with building automation systems. Multiple projects across the area—including several at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)—are keeping a rapidly growing team of BEI technology infrastructure pros busy. 

“Our teams are working at LAX and at a new million-square-foot distribution facility,” says BEI President Mike Rantz. “We went from opening a new office to blockbuster growth in less than a year. It’s all because there’s so much demand for technology infrastructure expertise that spans building controls, security, A/V, and data.”

Bringing cabling expertise to new partners 

Booming demand in Southern California for technology infrastructure professionals has constrained the supply of the union members that many jobs require. BEI is partnering with firms that need help, bringing our expertise and a team of skilled union members with cabling experience. 

Joe Acosta, the general manager of the Southern California office, explains: “The benefit to our partners is that BEI provides skilled union members. We’re able to take on more projects by partnering, and our partners keep their projects on track.”

LAX preps for 2028 Olympics 

The BEI team is currently working on projects at LAX. One project involves installing the surrounding technology infrastructure for a new people mover. The people mover will transport passengers from the airport to rental car facilities. When operational in 2023, the new people mover will eliminate the need for more than 3,200 daily rental-car shuttle trips. This will not only make renting a car more pleasant—it will also lessen traffic congestion near LAX terminals. Other projects at LAX include adding control wiring in newly enhanced corridors linking to airside areas. 

“BEI brings expertise, manpower, and tools to these projects,” says Acosta. “Our partners lean on BEI to also bring skilled union labor. Together, we’re delivering the technology infrastructure that clients need to automate and control their facilities.”