Better security on the radar at BEI Construction

BEI Construction has long provided customers with security system design and installation services. As part of that, we’re always looking to expand the range of ways we can help customers realize their security goals more efficiently. We’re now offering radar tracking and video surveillance solutions from SpotterRF.

SpotterRF offers an efficient, radar-based solution that’s ideal for extending security visibility over larger areas and beyond fence lines. Here’s how it works in a typical installation: radars are positioned to detect movement over a large area. When they detect movement, cameras zero in on the movement. A security team can monitor the cameras and decide whether the movement calls for an in-person response.

“We’re a certified SpotterRF installer,” says Brett Smith, a security leader in BEI’s Rocklin office. “That means we can help clients deploy SpotterRF solutions from start to finish. The process begins with understanding the client’s site and goals. We then design, engineer, and install everything needed.”

Ideal for airports and utilities
BEI recently designed and installed a SpotterRF-based security solution at an international airport in California. The solution will help the airport monitor its perimeter efficiently. Popular with our energy company customers, the SpotterRF system is also well-suited to helping utilities improve security at substations. In fact, SpotterRF has found that its system helps utilities cover 20 times the area for the same cost as thermal cameras running video analytics.

“The radar can detect movement before the human eye,” says Smith. “So SpotterRF helps you respond faster to the approach of potential intruders to your fence line. A smaller security team can cover a wider area. Radar also works well in all weather and light conditions.”

About SpotterRF
SpotterRF provides perimeter protection beyond fences with its SpotterRF Compact Rader systems. Each SpotterRF radar offers 300 acres of tracking power but weighs only 4lbs. SpotterRF combines its radar with visual, thermal, and motion detection to bring users the most thorough surveillance available. Learn more about SpotterRF.