BEI takes the Spartan Race challenge

On June 2, 2019, BEI Construction team members participated in the Spartan Race in Toro Park in Salinas, California. The BEI contingent of 13 included BEI staff plus a few intrepid vendors and clients. We participated in the sprint distance event, which featured a 5-mile trail course and 20 obstacles. Our team finished in 2 hours and 49 minutes.

Surmounting challenges as a team
More challenging than a run-only race, Spartan Races include tough obstacles, such as rope and wall climbs. The BEI team worked together to overcome each obstacle, with teamwork helping us to brave daunting course features that we couldn’t conquer alone.

“The Spartan Race pushed our boundaries and limits,” says BEI Construction Security GM Brett Smith. “We overcame challenges by working together and supporting each other. We relied on each other to be successful—just like we do on our projects. That’s something we took into the race, and that helped us build even stronger ties by sharing the experience.”

A perfect day for a race
Toro Park is an ideal venue for a Spartan Race. The park features 5,000 acres of hills, fields, and trails. Organizers had plenty of help from nature in setting up the course. The course went up and down so many steep hills that we lost count. Luckily, nature also helped by providing beautiful weather on the day of the event.

The BEI team arrived at Toro Park early to warm up, and to motivate each other. After the starting signal sounded, we ran over hills, climbed walls and ropes, and even crawled some. The most challenging obstacle? Depends on who you ask. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses—that’s why teamwork makes events like the Spartan Race better.

Already excited about the next race
“The race was exhausting and so much fun,” says BEI Construction Administrative Manager Rachel Pomeroy. “We showed up at work on Monday with great stories, a couple of bruises, and nice shiny medals. I’m already looking forward to the next race.”