BEI partners with Energy Vault on Stanton BESS

BEI Construction recently completed work on the 68.8MW/275.2MWh Stanton Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), in partnership with EPC contractor and system integrator, Energy Vault, and developers Wellhead and W Power. The BESS, now fully operational, is one of the largest energy storage systems in Southern California, providing clean power and improved grid resiliency in Southern California Edison’s southwest LA region. In addition to increasing the resiliency of the local electrical grid, the Stanton BESS is helping to reduce the grid’s overall carbon intensity.

Despite its constrained footprint and energy density requirements, the BESS project was completed in less than five months and achieved maximum power output in record time. “The Stanton project showcases BEI’s strengths,” says Jerry Zampino, BESS general manager at BEI, “including our ability to manage short schedules and navigate the intricacies of a complex build. We also successfully worked with Energy Vault to manage the approval process”.

“We had another advantage on the Stanton BESS—our experience working with union labor. We partnered with IBEW, the union of electric power professionals, on the project.”

Proven BESS expertise

With the engineering, electrical and implementation expertise required for energy storage construction projects all under one roof, BEI Construction has become the go-to partner for high profile BESS projects throughout the West. “BESS has become a considerable part of our business,” continues Zampino. “Energy storage facilities increase the success and cost efficiency of renewable energy projects of any size.”

Looking ahead

Another BESS project is now underway at a site located near Las Vegas. The proposed 220 megawatt facility, approved by the Moapa Town Advisory Board in June of this year, will temporarily store energy from the grid in a complex of 208 lithium iron phosphate battery cells during periods of low energy demand. Then, during peak demand periods, it will feed the stored energy back into the grid. The project promises to be a major component in meeting energy demands throughout the Moapa Valley region and Clark County, Nevada.

About Energy Vault
Energy Vault® develops and deploys utility-scale energy storage solutions designed to transform the world’s approach to sustainable energy storage. The Company’s comprehensive offerings include proprietary gravity-based storage, battery storage, and green hydrogen energy storage technologies. Each storage solution is supported by the Company’s hardware technology-agnostic energy management system software and integration platform. Unique to the industry, Energy Vault’s innovative technology portfolio delivers customized short-and-long-duration energy storage solutions to help utilities, independent power producers, and large industrial energy users significantly reduce levelized energy costs while maintaining power reliability. Utilizing eco-friendly materials with the ability to integrate waste materials for beneficial reuse, Energy Vault’s EVx™ gravity-based energy storage technology is facilitating the shift to a circular economy while accelerating the global clean energy transition for its customers. Please visit for more information.

About Wellhead
Wellhead, the oldest California based independent power producer, is a privately held developer, constructor and operator of innovative energy generation and energy storage facilities. Since 1982 Wellhead has developed and operated in excess of 500MW of power generation facilities in California and afield. Wellhead is an expert in natural gas generation, solar and storage. In 2016, Wellhead designed and brought to market their award-winning Hybrid Electric Gas Turbine (EGT®) solution.

About W Power
W Power is a California certified woman-and-minority owned business enterprise (“WMBE”) focused on doing business in California’s energy industry. We have been in business since 2011 and completed our first project in Delano, California in early 2013 and the SERC Hybrid project in Stanton, California in 2020. The Delano, SERC Hybrid and SBES facilities are the largest woman-owned energy projects in California.

About IBEW
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is a labor union that represents approximately 820,000 workers and retirees in the electrical industry in the U.S., Canada, Guam, Panama, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, including electricians and other public utility employees.The union also represents some workers in the computer, telecommunications and broadcasting industry, and other fields involving electrical work.