BEI Green Technology Team brings environmental focus to decommissioning

Over the past year and a half, we’ve all experienced significant changes in our day-to-day lives. Many of us are working from home. Others are working from offices with more space between work areas. This has led to a flurry of office alterations for large companies. The BEI Green Technology Team is helping when these changes require decommissioning of technology infrastructure, wireless, A/V, security and BMS systems.

“Decommissioning of offices is on the rise,” says Gary Chelini, a principal with BEI. “When large commercial tenants move, they face contractual requirements covering the move-out condition of the space. Often, this calls for more than just removing furniture. They must remove network cables, equipment racks, and more. We help them do that, while reducing costs and environmental impacts.”

End-to-end green decommissioning
The BEI Green Technology Team removes—and can even provide relocation logistics for technology equipment and security systems. For instance, one client asked the Team to work across multiple sites to decommission full floors, moving some equipment to a new location.

BEI Green Technology Team members first assessed the space, then developed a plan that accounted for removal of all equipment and furniture. After removing and relocating the furniture and equipment, the BEI Green Technology Team restored the vacated space to its original condition and installed retained equipment in the new location. Other items went to the BEI warehouse. There, Team members separated and sorted materials into categories. The BEI Green Technology Team then recycled, donated or re-purposed, all the equipment the client no longer needed. The BEI Green Technology Team process is well documented and data destruction certifications are delivered to the client within the BEI Documentation Package.

Why go green?
This example highlights why the decommissioning team is called green. They keep the impact to local landfill to an absolute minimum. And the client received more than just the satisfaction of being environmentally friendly. The Green Technology Team delivered a portion of the proceeds from equipment re-purposing and provided documentation of donations for tax benefits.