BEI Construction returns to the Spartan Race

BEI Construction took part in the Spartan Race in Toro Park in Salinas, California, on August 22, 2021. Our team of seven participated in the sprint distance event. The event took our team over a 5K trail course with 20 obstacles. Everyone finished—and had a great time. 

We felt like winners at the Spartan Race 

The race is a timed team event. Supporting first timers and those who had trained less, our fittest team members ran ahead and scouted the course. They then returned to help others. Obstacles included rope and wall climbs, monkey bars, a tire flip, and more. 

“We succeeded as a team,” says Rachel Pomeroy, administrative support manager at BEI. “We got to know each other better and bonded. People from just about every department participated, including CAD, administration, IT, and project management. I’m happy to report that there were no injuries, and the team enjoyed a great steak dinner after the race.” 

First event in two years 

BEI took part in the event in 2019, but the event was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. The 100% outdoor event inherently poses fewer risks than indoor activities. But there were some changes to the 2021 event to ensure an even higher level of safety. For instance, no guests were allowed in the Spartan Village where racers prep for their events. Organizers required social distancing. They also moved the event from June to late August. 

“The race was as fun and difficult as last time,” says Pomeroy. “The minor changes due to Covid were welcome because some people were more comfortable participating. There was one major difference that the whole team loved: It was much cooler than in 2019. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.”

She adds: “Everyone would do it again. And we’re already excited to race as a team next year.”