BEI Construction partners with Blymyer Engineers for design/build projects

BEI Construction utilizes Blymyer Engineers as its design partner on design/build projects. Blymyer Engineers is a recognized expert in renewable energy, industrial facility design, energy storage, and environmental services. Blymyer established BEI Construction more than 30 years ago. Today, the two firms operate independently except when collaborating on design/build projects. 

Blymyer works with clients across the US and the world from its offices in California, Oregon, and Odessa, Ukraine. Its team of electrical and structural engineers in Odessa support the Blymyer team in the US, helping them to keep projects moving forward 24/7. The firm completed its first solar project in 2001. It has since engineered 9 GW of solar projects through 2020. Blymyer has worked on solar projects in 12 states and 5 countries. Its engineers are licensed in nearly 45 states. 

“Blymyer is a top choice for solar and other renewable energy projects,” says BEI Principal Dominic DiMare. “We work seamlessly with them on a variety of design/build projects. BEI and Blymyer have similar cultures. Both teams make quality, collaboration, and clear communication priorities.” 

Solar, energy storage projects, and more

BEI and Blymyer have delivered solar, wind, and electrical projects together. The firms also collaborate on many energy storage projects. Energy storage is now an important part of renewable energy plans for many companies. The cost of batteries fell in recent years, making it practical to include storage in more types of renewable projects. The Illumina battery plant in San Diego, California, offers one example. Blymyer provided the structural and electrical engineering, site layout, permitting, and construction support. BEI completed the installation of the 1 MW/2 MWh facility. 

“Energy storage projects are just one type of project that we’ve delivered with Blymyer,” says DiMare. “They bring everything we could ask for to design/build projects. Blymyer commits to project success from the earliest conceptual designs through the final walkthrough.”