Adding BICSI training expertise and options

BEI Construction recently acquired Tier 4 Training, a leader in BICSI certification training. BICSI, a worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals, offers testing and certification for members of the information and communications technology community. With a distinctive approach to test preparation, Tier 4 works to increase core knowledge while at the same time teaching effective test-taking strategies. The combination builds confidence and leads to a high pass rate for test takers.

“BICSI’s credential programs bring a high-level of professionalism to the industry,” says BEI Vice President Dave Sanders, who holds four BICSI certifications and was named RCDD Instructor of the Year. “When you hire someone with BICSI certification, you know they bring the appropriate knowledge to the job. But training in the BICSI certification areas can be hard to find. That’s where TIER 4 plays a role. TIER 4 offers high-quality training that supports the needs of people seeking certification.”

TIER 4 training options include:

Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD): This 3-day class helps participants prepare for the demanding RCDD certification test. Mandated by many organizations, the RCDD is considered a highly desirable qualification across the industry

Outside Plant (OSP) Designer: Given over the course of 2 days, training participants take practice tests and review relevant topics, such as right-of-way and route design, space design, underground and aerial designs, and much more.

Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC): A 2-day course, this class provides an in-depth review of best practices involved in designing data centers.


Get started with RCDD training from Tier 4
Tier 4 is offering a 2-day class focused on RCDD certification—it’s the qualification for high achievers. Join your peers for expert training from instructor Dave Sanders in Pleasanton, California.

RCDD certification
July 19-20
Pleasanton, California
Learn more and register here.

Find out more about Tier 4 by visiting You can join BICSI, explore certification requirements, and more on the BICSI site:


Meet the Instructor
Dave Sanders, RCDD/DCDC/NTS/OSP Vice President Technical Solutions, BEI Construction, will lead the training offered in Pleasanton in July.

A world-class speaker and trainer, Dave Sanders has authored and maintained a course that was named International RCDD Class of the Year—and that’s just one of his many training programs.

Dave is an International RCDD Instructor of the Year and Telecommunications Speaker of the Year. He has successfully taught several hundred of the world’s 7,000 RCDD-certified professionals, and he leads 80%-90% of his students to pass their BICSI exams. Dave has a passion for showing his students, audiences, customers, and co-workers how to make every engineering mission possible.

Read more about Dave Sanders here.