WFH driving A/V technology trends

BEI Connect, a division of BEI Construction, is helping companies pivot their audio/visual (A/V) technology in response to work-from-home (WFH) trends. Many corporate leaders expect that some employees with continue to WFH even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. The A/V team at BEI Connect sees A/V technology playing a role in bridging gaps caused by remote work.

“While some people will go back into the office, many will remain working from home. We need to be adaptive to all scenarios.” says BEI Connect Senior Account Manager Katie Benson. “This presents a challenge for most companies. While companies are taking a look at how their A/V strategies support WFH, we’re getting questions about adding sophistication to meetings and training experiences. The idea is to deliver in-person quality to all locations.”

“Companies have all-hands spaces designed to engage a large group presenting and attending the meeting.” she notes. “Companies now need to create an engaging experience for those joining remotely. All-hands spaces start to function as in-person spaces with sophisticated streaming solutions. The technologies included must be both effective and easy to use.”

BEI Connect A/V Solutions Engineer John Neff adds, “Training events require a similar approach. More people will join remotely. Trainers need A/V technologies that let them deliver the same impact to participants whether they’re at home or attending in person.”

Why BEI Connect?
Executives reach out to the A/V team at BEI Connect for several reasons. The BEI team brings together decades of experience in A/V, security, and technology infrastructure. Ongoing training and deep relationships with leading A/V manufacturers help the team stay ahead of rapidly evolving technology. And BEI offers a complete approach to A/V. BEI can deliver: design, project management, installation, and maintenance for A/V, security, and technology infrastructure.

“A/V technology is crucial to how companies communicate and collaborate,” says BEI Connect General Manager Rob Gagnon. “The importance of A/V is increasing. It’s smart to consider A/V in the context of security and technology infrastructure, including low voltage wiring. Companies come to us for all three. An integrated approach is more efficient, and it reduces the risk of gaps that can impact performance.”

About BEI Connect
BEI Connect takes a distinctive approach to delivering technology infrastructure services. Unlike some providers, BEI works with you from the very beginning of projects to identify your needs and design a comprehensive solution complete with drawings, scope of work, and budget. The BEI team then collaborates with the project team to refine the plan to finalize the requirements and budget. BEI specializes in commercial tenant improvement projects and supports clients on a local, national, and global basis.