Delivering state-of-the-art technology infrastructure for the country’s most successful enterprises.

The BEI Connect team takes a distinctive approach to delivering technology infrastructure services. Unlike some providers, we work with you from the very beginning of projects to help identify your needs and design a comprehensive solution complete with drawings, scope of work and budget. Typically, this takes less than a week. We then collaborate with the project team to refine the plan to finalize the requirements and budget. We specialize in commercial tenant improvement projects and support our clients on a local, national and global basis.

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From site surveys to solution design, to installation and certification of copper and fiber optic cable systems, BEI Connect creates the highest-quality cable infrastructures to support our clients’ needs.

We install high-quality audio/visual systems for smooth, reliable conferencing, displays, presentations and day-to-day communications.

Nothing is more important to companies than the safety of their personnel, equipment and facilities. The BEI Connect team is expert at designing, installing, testing and maintaining security, intercom, life safety and fire safety systems that mitigate risk and enhance peace of mind.

Data centers are mission-critical to the modern enterprise. BEI Connect has the experience to create advanced facilities that optimize uptime, improve data security and accommodate growth.

With the change in business culture of people collaborating throughout the office space, Wireless networks are now more important than ever. We furnish design, access point layout, cabling and device installation for all our clients. Our Campus environment clients utilize our expertise in Point to Point Wireless to meet their WAN needs.

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