Global technology client chooses BEI Connect to enhance security

The BEI Connect team recently installed access controls and related systems in a global technology leader’s regional offices in the Midwest. The financial technology company is based in California. The company has a presence in many other cities in the United States and globally. BEI delivers design, installation, and project management to the company to support its security needs for its offices worldwide.

Access control for convenience, security, and policy enforcement
The company deployed access controls to doors, along with cameras, turnstiles, and an intercom system. These technologies work together to provide convenient access for authorized people, while making it easier for security staff to monitor offices and enforce visitor policies.

“Our client uses access control to enhance the physical security of its offices,” says Chris Franza, general manager of the Security Division at BEI Connect. “The regional office is just one example of how we work with business leaders. We’re helping the company deploy complete access solutions that work consistently across the company, but that also suit the distinctive needs of each location.”

Working beyond our core locations
The BEI Connect team is based in offices throughout the West Coast, but our reach isn’t confined to those regions. The project in the Midwest demonstrates how we can deliver a holistic security solution to any facility. The BEI team worked with the client’s security leaders in California and the Midwest to design a system that matches their needs. Then, our team provided project management to a local installation team. The BEI on-site project manager led the commissioning process, including testing and walkthroughs.

“The core BEI security team has been working together for as long as two decades,” says Franza. “There are no gaps in our approach. We know the hardware and the software that needs to come together to deliver secure facilities.”