BEI Announces Upcoming Tier 4 Data Center Design Training

In addition to our comprehensive design and construction services, BEI Construction is a leader in training and certification for the telecommunications and information technology industries. We believe that ongoing training is essential to maintaining the highest quality standards in industries that are continually changing and evolving.

Our Tier 4 Division is a premier provider of licensing exam preparation and continuing education, helping participants master the industry’s regulatory requirements and earn advanced professional certification to further their career advancement. The certification is available through BICSI, the worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals. BEI is a corporate member.

The Tier 4 Data Center Design Fundamentals Course
April 11 – 12, 2024 | Buena Park, CA

This full 2-day course, which leads to BICSI Data Center Design Consultant certification, provides an in-depth review of data center design best practices—the fundamental steps, considerations and process of developing a data center design and its critical infrastructure systems: electrical, HVAC, telecommunications cabling, automation and control systems.

The course is taught by Dave Sanders, a world renowned speaker and veteran educator who has successfully authored and led professional training classes and BICSI certification courses for more than 20 years. Dave’s mantra “leave no person behind” underscores his commitment to furthering the success of everyone he teaches.

More information about the course and how to register is here.

To learn more about BICSI Data Center Design Consultant Certification, visit BICSI.