A mobile app becomes a resource

Now there is a free mobile application, ISO Today, that monitors California ISO (California Independent System Operator) power grid conditions. California ISO is the nonprofit public-benefit corporation that is working to ensure the reliability of most of California’s and part of Nevada’s high-voltage power grids. The ISO operates a competitive energy market that balances supply with demand and plays a key role in helping to advance a smarter, cleaner, and more reliable energy future here in the West. To learn more about the California ISO initiative, visit caiso.com.

Critical power grid insights

The ISO Today app offers a variety of features that allows organizations to:

  • Monitor available resource adequacy capacity so they can identify when energy supply might be tight, up to 7 days in advance.
  • View grid status and available capacity measured against the current demand and the forecasted peak.
  • View renewables and supply graphs as stacked charts.
  • View peak and daily production data for past dates on the renewables trend graph.
  • View breakdown of supply and renewables serving the ISO.
  • Monitor emissions.
  • View wholesale energy prices on the price map. Use the slider to easily filter out nodes based on Location Marginal Prices (LMP).
  • Compare demand and net demand plus historic data.

Users can also receive Flex Alerts to notify them when energy conservation is necessary, get energy system notifications, as well as add ISO meetings and events to their calendar.

A valuable resource for BEI’s renewable energy clients

“Power grid updates like these are critical to helping California hit its renewable energy goals,” says Jerry Zampino, BESS general manager at BEI. “By having more energy storage information online—and readily accessible in real-time—the industry will be more effective at monitoring usage, pricing, availability and other issues that can impact success.