Renewable energy

Creating clean-energy solutions for a sustainable future.


BEI Construction designs and builds a broad range of green-energy facilities and systems. We’re dedicated to helping our clients lower their costs and carbon footprints by generating maximum power from the sun, alternative fuels and landfill gas — and efficiently storing it for times of peak demand.

“In 2018 we achieved 200MW of installed renewable energy.”

—Dominic DiMare, Principal at BEI Construction Inc.

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Since 2003, our team is approaching 100 megawatts of installed photovoltaic power systems. Our services include site evaluation, energy modeling and production analysis, all engineering disciplines, ground-mount parking canopies and single access trackers.

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Energy storage

Our battery storage projects — which have ranged in scope from 35 kilowatts to 2 megawatts — lower costs for our clients by reducing or eliminating demand charges while also creating a back-up energy source.

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CNG fueling stations

We have extensive experience building fueling systems and performing maintenance facility upgrades for alternative fuel vehicles that use compressed natural gas (CNG) as their energy fuel source.

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Landfill gas

We have design / build experience with landfill gas. For example, the Clover Flat Landfill near Calistoga, CA, is now converting the methane gas produced by the landfill into electricity. The gas is channeled through a purification process before entering into a GE Jenbacher engine where the gas is converted into electricity and tied into PG&E’s grid for 1 megawatt of power.

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BEI Construction, in our efforts to assist California’s efforts to go green with 100% renewable power, has completed the installation of six wind turbines. These turbines are located in Greenfield, Lancaster, Soledad (2), Gonzales and Cabazon. We look forward to many more of these projects in the near future!

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