Energy Storage

Keep renewable energy flowing with advanced batteries

BEI Construction has the engineering, electrical and implementation expertise required on energy storage construction projects. Our team has installed projects with as much as 90MW/360MWh of battery storage and as little as 35kW/140kWh. BEI Construction can deliver battery-based energy storage as part of your solar or wind energy project or as backup power to support business processes.

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Renewable energy success

The inclusion of energy storage increases the success and cost effectiveness of renewable energy projects of virtually every size. Recent declines in the cost of battery storage makes energy storage practical on most renewable energy projects.

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Backup power

Manufacturers, datacenters, and healthcare facilities need backup power in the event of outages. Battery storage can play a key role in supporting uninterrupted operation or orderly shutdowns. BEI Construction can help you scope and install the right energy storage system for your needs.

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Storage technology

In partnership with manufacturers the BEI team keeps up with battery storage technology, which is evolving rapidly. We can install lithium ion batteries as well as flow cell batteries, from multiple vendors.

“Considering adding battery storage to your renewable energy construction project? Talk to BEI Construction about your equipment and installation options today.”

–Mike Rantz, BEI Construction President

Energy storage for 24/7 power

Make reliable energy storage part of your project with today’s affordable, high-capacity batteries. Contact us to discuss the best fit for your project requirements.

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